Garden Ornaments

Unusual range of ceramic and metal ornaments for the keen gardener.


Solar Powered Lighthouse. Which is battery operated & lighthouse light revolves when it is dark. Lovely ornament to have in the garden....

Solar Powered Windmill

Solar Powered Windmill Solar Powered Windmill which is battery operated. Windmill lights up when it is dark...

Lilly Pad Bird Bath

Lilly Pad Bird Bath, approx. 3ft tall beautiful piece that will enhance any garden or home

Bronze Bird Bath

Bronze Bird Bath. Size approx 3ft high, beautiful piece which would enhance any garden...


Metal Stork suitable as an ornament for any garden

Small Scottie Dog

Small Scottie Dog

Small Cow

Small Cow


Female Metal Chicken



Small Rabbit.

Small Rabbit.

Small Cooker

Small Cooker

Cast Iron Pot

Cast Iron Pot

Old Fashioned Iron

Old Fashioned Iron used a decorative ornament...

Metal Weather Vane

Metal Weather Vane. Make a lovely ornament in the garden

Ladies Bike

Small Ladies Bike suitable as an unusual ornament

Small trike

Small trike suitable as an ornament

Garden Water tap

Garden Water tap can be used as an unusual garden feature

Flat Back Water Tap

Flat Back water tap, black in colour which can be used as an ornament or a working tap.

Chicken Post Box

Metal post box which fits on a wall etc, with Chicken motif on front

Letters Post Box

Heavy Metal post box, with the word "letters" written on postal flap. Post box nicely designed

Carriage Post Box

Metal post box with Carriage design on the front...

Boy on Girls Back

Small Statue with boy on girls back

Boy & Girl Seated

Boy & Girl Seated Boy & Girl Seated Statue. Ideal ornament to brighten up any patio or decking area